Sunday, January 10, 2010

La Zagaleta - The finest Estate in Europe

The La Zagaleta estate is set within the mountainous area of Benahavis, close to Marbella and the Puerto Banus marina. The estate was aquired from the possessions of Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi magnate, who had one of his many holiday home there. The owner before Mr.Khashoggi was another tycoon and Father in Law to the late Cristina Onassis Henry Roussell.

The development covers some 900 Hectares (2200 Acres) and has many great ammenities insdide, including two championahip standard golf courses. The most recent of which "Los Barrancos" was completed in 2007 at an approximate cost of €20,000,000. The golf courses itself are private and the only way it is possible to join is by purchasing a plot or a property within the estate.

Security is a massive plus for selecting the La Zagaleta estate, as there is the highest level here. With only two entrances both of which, taking advantage of number plate recognition and highly trained security personnel. There are regular patrols with the development and each home has access to a panic button, with a guaranteed quick response.

The are many fantastic homes within the estate and the price range varies considerably. There are currently plots on the market, allowing for clients to create their own residences with a starting price of €1,000,000. Key ready properties are available on the market at a starting price of around €3,000,000 and a ceiling level of around €20,000,000.

For those people interested in finding out more about La Zagaleta property for sale should follow the link and view the selection of houses on the First Property Choice website. You will get a good understanding of pricing and get the best advice on which property and location may suit your needs the best.

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